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Announcing Red Pin Marketing: Social Media Solutions for Small Businesses

As we have traveled across the country over the past couple years we have met so many people especially small (to medium) business owners that are jumping up and down looking for help in generating more leads, increasing sales, getting more foot traffic, more reviews and more conversations about their products or services. When we’ve had the chance to sit down and chat with these people we’ve asked them where they needed help. Their answer? They need help with everything from developing a strategy to setting up and optimizing their social accounts to designing a new website that is search engine optimized, designing listening and monitoring portals, email marketing and how to measure all of it. This is not too dissimilar from the enterprise brands that we work with at New Marketing Labs however small businesses have some unique needs, concerns and it takes someone with experience in small businesses to fully understand it all.

Over the past several months our team has been working on how we could be more helpful to small businesses. During this time, I’ve done a lot of thinking on what I’ve done at Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse over the past few years and what my competitors and the other businesses in the town where our restaurant is aren’t doing. I’ve also been researching hundreds of small business websites, online communities and talking with people in my local community to understand what their knowledge base is of social media and what they think of their current marketing plans (or if they even have one, in many cases).

With all of that knowledge and experience in hand, I’m really happy to announce the launch of Red Pin Marketing. Red Pin Marketing is powered by the great team at New Marketing Labs and backed by CrossTech Ventures. Our goal is simple: to help small businesses with their social media and digital marketing efforts. We want to help you leverage these tools to level the playing field, increase sales and grow your business.

Before you start hyperventilating, don’t worry, New Marketing Labs isn’t going anywhere. We’re still busy helping our amazing clients, working with fantastic partners and working on the Inbound Marketing Summit 2011. I’ll still be around adding my assistance as the team needs it but I will be donning a new hat as the Executive Director of Red Pin Marketing. Chris Brogan will lend his advice, guidance and mentorship to Red Pin Marketing as an Entrepreneur In Residence advisor. There are a few other changes over at NML that you Chris talks about in this post.

There is so much more to come in the days and weeks ahead that we’re really excited to begin sharing with you (including our website!). But, since I’m like a 2 year old on Christmas morning, I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer and just had to share it with you.

If you’re the owner of or work in a small to medium business, I’d like to invite you to sign up for our free small business newsletter. We have some special projects and info that we’ll be sharing that won’t be available anywhere else except in the newsletters, including one that we’ll be launching in the next few days. Make sure you don’t miss out by signing up today.

It’s an exciting time around New Marketing Labs, Red Pin Marketing and The Pulse Network.

As always, thanks for your support and all that you do. My goal is to continually be helpful to you and hopefully this is another way that I can fulfill that goal.

Did I ask you yet to sign up for the new small business newsletter?

  • Shubhoji

    At some point, Justin, you might want to ask yourself why this is the only comment.

  • justinlevy

    It’s probably because the post just went live within the past 10 minutes. That would be my guess, at least.

  • Ricardo Bueno

    Congratulations to you and the rest of the team Justin!

  • Matt Medeiros

    Very nice! We’ve been servicing local business in this same arena – it’s good to see the growing market.

  • Anonymous

    Nicely written post and a great idea!
    You guy at NML are amazing!

  • Dean Landsman

    Congratulation, Justin. Glad to see your enterprise expanding into wider areas. Good for you and the entire team!

  • Adam Zand

    Interesting move/addition to the mix. Can we assume you’ll be more of a point person for this effort? All the best!

  • Robert Samuel

    Great article Justin. It’s good to know a company like Red Pin is there for us small business owners. :-)

  • The Franchise King

    Congrats, Justin.
    Suzanne V. pointed you out in Vegas at Blogworld, but I never introduced myself..

    My bad.

  • Anonymous

    Congrats Justin!

  • Taariq Lewis

    Excellent work! I can’t wait to learn and hear more about Red Pin. I’ve subscribed to the RSS feed, as well.


  • justinlevy

    Thanks Taariq! I hope you’re doing well!

  • justinlevy

    Thanks David! Hope to see you some time soon!

  • justinlevy

    Oh! You should’ve come over and said hi. I don’t bite, usually, unless I haven’t eaten in a while. Heh.

  • justinlevy

    That’s our goal, at least. You make sure to let me know how we can be helpful, ok? :)

  • SharelOmer


    I am so exited to hear it… thank you for sharing :) and good luck in the new way (i guess this is the service that had no site :) before )

    Best of luck and please tell us how we can help you help others!