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Being Your Own Competition

Who is your competition? Not who is your company’s competition but who is your personal competition. You may have colleagues, close friends or a significant other that you have a friendly competition with – a way of pushing each other. But if you want to be at your personal and professional best than you should see yourself as your own competition. Every day you wake up, you should be trying to do better than you did the previous day.

It’s probably not surprising that I’ve grown up an athlete and enjoy sports or activities that force me to analyze my performance, making tweaks to perform better the next time. I apply those same concepts to everything I do whether it’s working out, taking on a new project or working towards personal goals.

By competing with yourself you push yourself to grow.  Instead of focusing on comparing yourself with your peers or those whom you respect, you focus on accomplishing your goals. You stop letting the start line move.  You focus on following your path instead of “retracing someone else’s GPS route guidance,” as Chris Brogan recently called others’ plans.

That doesn’t mean that you don’t respect their discipline, creativity or ideas. It means that you take what you learn from them and apply it to your projects, goals and processes. You don’t start blogging daily because Christopher Penn does.  Instead, you understand what his motivations are and if those are similar to yours, then you apply that same rigor to your writing and start competing with yourself to write more frequently.

Being your own competition is awesome.

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  • Chris Brogan

    Writing longer posts will push you to grow. : )

  • justinlevy

    I try balancing between shorter posts and pushing myself with longer posts. I have a few brewing in my noggin’ :)