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Breaking Through a Marketing Plateau

Has your marketing program become stale? Are you not seeing the same results that you originally experienced? This could be because you’ve reached a marketing plateau. It’s time to introduce a change to help spark growth, engagement and activity again. This concept is preached in fitness magazines every month yet we don’t consider this for our marketing campaigns.

When regularly working out, our bodies eventually plateau if you’re not constantly making tweaks to your fitness regimen. These don’t necessarily have to be major changes such as switching up exercises but can be minor changes of grip, weight, reps or order of exercises. I make major changes to my fitness routine once every 8-10 weeks while making small changes on a weekly basis. I monitor the results of the changes that I’m making to understand whether these changes have been effective or if I need to revert back. With fitness the metrics you may be monitoring can include body fat %, weight, heart rate or body measurements.

While many understand this basic concept in fitness, we don’t apply that learning to our marketing programs. Instead we use the same email template and send that email on the same day and time every week while noticing diminishing results over an extended period of time. We read blogs and ebooks and attend webinars about these marketers that are seeing incredible results with their marketing programs. We walk away scratching our heads not able to figure out what they’re doing differently than we are. We compare the marketing software they’re using that we may not be able to afford. We compare the size of their team or the custom designed website they have.

Some of these comparisons are valid. More advanced marketing software provides greater capabilities such as segmentation, nurturing, marketing automation and more. However, much like not needing fancy gym equipment to achieve our goals, you don’t necessarily need advanced marketing tools to be successful with your marketing programs. By making small changes to your campaigns, and monitoring the results of these changes, you can breath new life into your marketing programs.

Here are just a few small changes that you can try making that you’ll be able to easily monitor the results of:

  • Change the day and/or time that you send your weekly email campaign
  • Adjust the position of an image in your blog post, newsletter or email
  • Switch the calls-to-actions that you’re using. And if you’re not using a call-to-action, then try adding one!
  • Remove clutter from the side bar of your website that’s not immediately helpful

These are just a few of many small changes that you can begin making to overcome your marketing plateau. What others can you think of?

Photo Credit: Al_HikesAZ