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Celebration and Donation

At about this point during the New Year’s holiday many are relaxing with their friends and family, recovering from hangovers after a night of partying, making resolutions and setting goals that will guide them, hopefully, for the rest of the year.  While I’m not hanging out with family or friends and therefore not having to recover from a hangover, I am focused, immediately, on a single goal.  That goal is to make January 2nd the best day possible for my beautiful wife, Laura.

This time last year I was busy typing away a similar post where I explain why this is such a hard goal to accomplish:

Every year Laura hates her birthday because it falls on the day AFTER one of the biggest party days of the year.  That sucks.  She turned 21 the day AFTER New Years.  Our friends are always still hung over and/or tired the day after. No one ever wants to do anything and it usually ends up making her sad.

This year saw a lot of change for us and tons of memorable experiences.  At the end of January we relocated to Boston so that I could launch New Marketing Labs along with Chris Brogan and Colin Browning.  This was hard on Laura because it meant that she had to move the farthest away she has ever been from family and friends.  She had to find a new job and get settled in a big city.  While she was trying to get settled in Boston, she was also right in the middle of planning our wedding which required weekend field trips all over the place including many visits to New York and Connecticut.  Either one of those events would be stressful enough to make someone lose their mind.

Usually through change like that, you would have your significant other to help you get through it.  But, unfortunately, Laura spent a lot of that time, and throughout the rest of 2009, having to deal with all of this by herself.  Sure, I was there for her but 2009 saw a sharp spike in my travel which caused me to be away from her a lot.  In previous years I’ve only had to travel a few times throughout the year, even though during those times they were generally long trips to the Philippines.  This year, though, had me traveling a few times per month adding up to around 50 times for the year.  When I was home, I was extremely focused on making New Marketing Labs and my steakhouse, Caminito Argentinean Steakhouse, successes.  In a forever mode of playing catch up, we didn’t have the opportunity to spend a lot of quality time together.  Don’t get me wrong, we have many lifelong memories from 2009 like sailing around the British Virgin Islands, honeymooning in St. Maarten, celebrating the 4th of July in Boston, and going to both Red Sox and Celtics games.

All in all, 2009 was a year of a lot of adjustments for us, most of them amazing changes.  For those changes that weren’t so much fun, I’m forever indebted to Laura.

I am so fortunate to be married to such a wonderful person.  She is incredibly beautiful, smart, loving, understanding and everything I ever dreamed of.  Every day I think I’m going to wake up from that dream.  That is why, last year I asked YOU for a favor:

My goal today is to get as many people as possible to wish her a Happy Birthday in the comments below.  Do you think we think we can get 25 people to wish her Happy Birthday? 50? 100 or more?

Since I had published last year’s post right at midnight, by the time I wished her Happy Birthday, she had about 25 people joining me.  In total, there were 167 comments left last year and she was floored by the response.

So, I want to run this experiment again this year but I want to add a twist to it.  Not only do I want to see if we can beat the 167 wonderful birthday wishes that Laura received last year, I want to see if we can do a little good on her behalf as well.  One of Laura’s favorite charities is the Jimmy Fund.  The Jimmy Fund supports “the fight against cancer in children and adults at Boston’s Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, helping to raise the chances of survival for cancer patients around the world.”

Do you think we could raise $1,000 to help the Jimmy Fund?  I think we can.  In fact, I think we can raise more than that but let’s shoot for $1,000.

If you could spare the cost of a coffee or two for Laura’s birthday to help these children, I would be extremely grateful and I know Laura will be too.

Thanks for all that you do…

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    Celebration and Donation

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    Celebration and Donation #news #socialmedia

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    Celebration and Donation Social-Media.alltop

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    Celebration and Donation #news #socialmedia

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    Celebration and Donation #socialmedia #news

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  • vividsocial

    Celebration and Donation

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  • catecolgan

    Happy Birthday Laura! – enjoy your day and thanks for sharing the gift of giving via the Jimmy Fund for your b'day :)

  • fendergurl

    This is so very thoughtful and a meaningful tribute on your wife's special day. This is also very likely a true testament to the type of person that she is! What a great partnership you have. Congratulations…and happy birthday to Laura.

  • Ed

    Happy Birthday Laura,
    and many decades of good health :)


  • Ricardo Bueno

    Laura: Justin speaks very highly of you! I've met Justin in person and though you and I have never met, I'm sure you're just as wonderful as he's described you here. Happy Birthday to you and I wish you a very happy new year as well!!

  • Vedo

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños! I hope you two have a remarkable year.
    (Props to you, Justin for this idea, but you're kind of blowing it for the other husbands. J/K) Cheers.

    – Richie

  • lauraroeder

    Happy Birthday, Laura!

  • MSchechter

    Nice idea Justin, hope she likes the gift and happy to help!

  • clayfisher

    I took the long way around to my $10 donation in celebration of Laura's birthday and went directly to the Jimmy Fund website to process my donation so it may not show in the Chip-In calculator (Sorry! I didn't see the link!!). Laura is a lucky woman. You're a good egg, Justin Levy! Enjoy her day. Peace.

  • Greg Matthews

    Justin, could you give us a little advance notice next time? 😉
    Happy birthday, Laura. Hope that 2010 is a great year for you – as a couple.

  • chrisbrogan

    Happy Birthday to @JustinLevy ’s Laura –

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  • justinlevy

    We’re just about 20% to our goal to raise $1,000 in a day for @thejimmyfund – can you spare a coffee?

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  • GeorgyC

    You're too good :-) and you've got a couple cups of my coffee now. Happy birthday, Laura!


    Happy Birthday to @JustinLevy ’s Laura – (via @chrisbrogan) Nicely done Justin!

    This comment was originally posted on Twitter

  • Chris Brogan

    Happy Birthday, Laura. I'm glad we've met and I hope to actually slow down long enough for a dinner some time. In the mean time, may this year be a great time of exploration and new opportunities. : )

  • Brianne Baggetta

    It looks like my comment never made it through the ChipIn checkout! I hope my donation did! If not let me know…otherwise Happy Birthday Laura. Your husband has really raised the bar high for the other guys lol

  • Carla Marie Ciampa

    Happy Birthday Laura, sounds like you deserve the best one ever for being the best wife! Many Many Happy returns.

  • sass

    Have a wonderful Birthday, Laura! Of course the best present is how loudly and proudly Justin always professes his love for you. You are both equally blessed to have each other and that's worth celebrating every day (but of course your birthday is a good day to get started…). Enjoy.

  • linda m lopeke

    Dear Laura,

    I'm sure you realize how fortunate you are to have someone who cares this much about making your birthday a happy day to remember! May each one be even happier than the last! Enjoy your special day.

  • Justin

    Great idea. Best to you both. And a big happy birthday to Laura. … Justin

  • Laura Perez

    Happy Birthday from one Laura to another! Wishing you and Justin all the best in the coming year. Glad to donate to such a wonderful cause.

  • stanphelps

    Happy Birthday Laura.
    I think the only worse day to be born is February 29th. Think of it this way, at least you get to celebrate your birthday every year.
    A friend once told me that January 2nd is officially 'the laziest day of the year' . . . so relax, open some presents and have some cake.

  • nike shox

    If a jewel falls into the mire, it remains as precious as before; and though dust should ascend to heaven, its former worthlessness will not be altered.

  • mindmapsza

    Happy, happy

  • DJ Waldow

    Happy birthday Laura. Looking forward to seeing more of you and your husband in 2010!

    DJ Waldow
    Director of Community, Blue Sky Factory

  • TheJimmyFund

    @justinlevy Thank you for supporting @TheJimmyFund! Hope you guys reach your $1,000 goal.

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  • justinlevy

    Thanks for stopping by and being part of Laura's special day! :)

  • justinlevy

    Thank you sooo much! We ended up having a great night and hopefully the money raised will be able to help out some people that could really use it!

  • justinlevy

    Ed- Thanks for being so awesome! It means a lot that you participated :)

  • justinlevy

    Thanks Ribeezie for stopping by and participating. A mix of celebrating and donating always makes everyone feel good in the end! :)

  • justinlevy

    Haha! Don't worry, I get in trouble too! :)

  • justinlevy

    Thanks for stopping by Laura! I hope you're doing well! Hopefully we get to hang out this year!

  • justinlevy

    For Laura we choose a charity to donate. For you, we teach you about sledding 😉

  • justinlevy

    Well thank you very much for donating! It means a lot that you stopped by and helped out! Cheers!

  • justinlevy

    Thanks for being so awesome Greg! Looking forward to more fun again this year! :)

  • justinlevy

    Sweet! Thanks for participating and helping out some people that could really use it!

  • justinlevy

    Well, looking at your calendar, that won't happen between now and May or so. We'll try for Christmas time :)

  • justinlevy

    Your donation definitely did make through. Thank you so much for being a part of Laura's special day and helping out!

  • justinlevy

    Thanks so much Carla! I hope your 2010 ROCKS!

  • justinlevy

    Dude, you're awesome! I had so much fun getting to hang out with you again! Thanks for stopping by and being part of Laura's special day!

  • justinlevy

    Oh please! 😉 Thanks for stopping by and participating!

  • justinlevy

    You have a pretty cool first name 😉 Thanks for stopping by and wishing Laura a happy birthday!

  • justinlevy

    Thanks so much Justin!

  • justinlevy

    Haha! I guess that's one way to look at it! Thanks for stopping by! Looking forward to connecting throughout 2010!

  • justinlevy

    Thanks for the awesome words! :)

  • justinlevy

    …birthday! :)

  • nike shox

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  • justinlevy

    Dude, you're going to see lots of me in 2010 (hopefully!)! Keep being awesome!