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Pursuant to the new FTC regulations, I’ve created this Disclosures page to document all disclosures as they relate to this blog.

A little housekeeping…

You can review the full FTC regulations or a simpler, plain English format.

If you’re looking for a nice format to follow on your blog, I’d recommend checking out Chris Penn’s Disclosures page.  It is thorough, well organized and the format I’ve chosen to use here.

Without further ado, let the blanket disclosures commence.

People who employ me…

I head up social media for Citrix Online.

Occasionally I’m paid to speak to groups on business, marketing and social media.

I am the co-author of the third edition of Facebook Marketing under Pearson Education.

People who send me stuff…

I am an affiliate for Social Fresh WEST.

Wiley regularly sends me books to read and review.

Portfolio regularly sends me books to read and review.

Griffin sent me an AirCurve that I regularly use with my iPhone.

Sweet Leaf Teas sent me a case of product to drink.

Radian6 provided me with an account to play.

Incipio sent me a case of product to review including a laptop case, iPhone cases and BlackBerry Curve cases.  I kept a couple and gave some away.

New Hall Coffee sent me a bunch of coffee to try out.  They’re a client of Coffee House Ideas who does all of my design work.

PopChips sent me some PopChips to snack on.

PretzelCrisps dropped off a bag of goodies including PretzelCrisps, hummus and Nutella.

A word about sending products…

I enjoy receiving products to review and books to read when they’re related to what I do professionally or what I’m interested in.  But, just because you send product to me does not obligate me to review it here or any of my other blogs.  If I find it beneficial and/or think it will be beneficial to my community, then I’ll write about it.

If I do choose to write about the product that I receive does not mean it is guaranteed to be a positive review.  It will be an honest review.

If you want to reach out about sending something for review, please contact me.