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Enabling Your Abilities

Knowing that I’m a huge fan of Timbaland and gadgets, a friend of mine recently sent me a video of his new tour bus. The tour bus has been completely outfitted with everything imaginable to allow him to record and mix a song whenever he has a stroke of creativity or when he has time in between performances, appearances and other responsibilities.

Besides thinking that the tour bus was awesome and being slightly jealous that I couldn’t have something uber-cool like that, it got me thinking about why Timbaland invested the money to build the tour bus.

Timbaland is one of the most sought after producers in the music business and also an award-winning artist. His ability to be creative anywhere at any time is critical to being able to stay on the top of his game. Without a tour bus with these capabilities, he would either have to turn down opportunities or do a lot of flying back and forth.

This brought me to consider whether or not I have an optimal set up with me at all times to enable content creation and fuel creativity.

To enable myself the ability to create content on-the-fly, the following tools are standard in my gear bag (mostly affiliate links):

In addition to the main gadgets, I also always have all of the cords, chargers, memory sticks, and other accessories that will allow me to transfer and upload my content and always be charging.

There certainly is some duplication between the capabilities of each of these gadgets but they do provide me the full suite of tools that I inevitably need during my travels.

I also always have a magazine or two and at least a book besides the magazines and books that I keep on my iPad and iPhone. While this doesn’t necessarily enable content creation, unless I’m reviewing a book for this blog, it does help to keep my mind sharp and inspire ideas.

Depending on where I’m traveling to, this bag will be tweaked but this is my standard day-to-day gear that I always carry with me.

While there may be some tools that could be upgraded or other tools that I want to add to my gear bag, my assessment is that I do have a complete set of tools to enable content creation and creativity from anywhere I may be.

Are you enabling your ability to be creative and create content anywhere you go? What say you?

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  • Chris Snell

    Hey Justin,

    I enjoyed this article; I've always been a fan of topics like this. I like to think that I'm enabling myself to be creative and create content anywhere. For me, I keep my Mac and my iPhone with me, a notebook and pen. I'm curious as to what others keep with them.

    What magazines/journals are you reading to stay creative?

  • David Baeza

    Love this topic. I have to admit, the further I move from my traditional office the more I hinder my efficiency. I have my HTC Incredible, an HP laptop, Flip Camera, cords and chargers. Other than that I rely on all of my web based apps. I think I need to upgrade my laptop and add one or two more tools to help optimize my experience and my abilities. Great post.

  • justinlevy

    I'm always curious about how others are enabling their abilities to be
    creative too. I love when Lifehacker and others post photos of what people
    carry along in their gear bag or how they've chosen to organize their
    office. I always find little nuggets of usefulness to alter my current set

    As far as what magazines/journals I read, I actually just wrote a post on my
    consumption of information:

  • justinlevy

    Thanks David! Where do you feel that you're being hindered by your current
    technology? Is it battery life, speed, capabilities?