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Google News Should Integrate Twitter Search

One of the primary websites that I check throughout the day is Google News.  I have been in love with this website as a source of news since it was released several years ago.  It allows me to quickly see what’s going on in the world and if a particular story interests me, I can view several other news sources who have also reported on it.  This is great for someone like me who likes to consume lots of information from as many different sources as possible.

Over the years they have continued to add tweaks to it such as being able to move around what sections appear where, adding in local news and more.  Recently Google added the ability to view YouTube videos for news stories.

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This is fantastic because Google is integrating different forms of media.  They’re allowing me to consume the news in a format that I want.  I might not have time to read a full length article from the New York Times but I might have a couple minutes to watch a video posted by the Associated Press on the same topic.  By integrating YouTube, this means that I stay on the Google News page longer and am more likely to consume more information.

It serves as my central dashboard to news.  A lot of people choose to use Google Reader for this feature.  I use Google Reader for everything else but for mainstream news I turn to Google News.

I’m always thinking of what’s next.  I’m never happy with anything in its current form, even if it is serving my needs.  I like shiny.  I like new.  I like tweaking.  So, what should be next for Google News?  I think Google should integrate Twitter Searches for the news stories.  For example, I should be able to read the articles regarding President Obama‘s push for health care, watch associated YouTube videos, and then also see what others are saying about it.

Of course, this is a lot harder to manage then just adding in a YouTube feed.  Google would have to control for different topics, each in their own separate searches which are always changing based on the news day.  They would also have to have controls in place to filter spammers and inappropriate language/phrases.

There are other features that I could picture being part of Google News such as a section for blog content and the addition of Facebook Connect but I think Twitter would be the next most logical integration.  Will it happen?  If Google ever buys Twitter then I think we’ll see some variation of this concept.  Why?  Because Twitter has become an extremely powerful search engine and that itself is very attractive to Google.  If they don’t buy Twitter?  Who knows.  It will be interesting to see if Google News starts becoming more social like Google Reader has been becoming over recent weeks.

Do you use Google News?  Would this be a feature you think would be useful?  What other features would you like to see integrated into Google News?

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    I think Google News should integrate Twitter Search…what do you think?

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  • stefanronge

    Intressant om tidningar som praxis snabbt integrerade relaterade Twitterflöden på artiklar för större nyheter.

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    Google News Should Integrate Twitter Search: –Share this idea:

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