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Holiday Recipe Resources

Anyone that knows me knows that I’m a huge foodie. I guess that’s what you would expect out of a restauranteur, huh? Because of this, the holiday season is my favorite time of the year. It’s a chance to have traditional dishes while an opportunity to experiment with new recipes. Whenever I’m itching for a new recipe, I have a quick list of resources that I turn to.

As we head into the holiday season many of us will be gathering together with friends, family and colleagues. So, I thought that I would share just a few of my favorite resources:

Serious Eats


Food Network



Besides these resources, there are thousands of food blogs out there, many of which you can find through FoodGawker and FoodBuzz. Also, several of these resources also have iPhone and iPad apps available.

Additionally, I’ve spent the past year or so gathering a list of 275+ recipes over on Delicious that you can also search through and also have a food blog (which has been woefully neglected lately), Prime Cuts.

Do you have a favorite food blog that you find as a great resource? Add them below in the comments so the rest of us can go check it out.

Oh, and these resources are great for any other time of the year too.

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