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Integration Marketing and Rules of Thumb -Video Book Reviews

Today I review two books which I read while away on my honeymoon in St. Maarten.  First up, Integration Marketing by Mark Joyner discusses ways to market your product or service by integrating it into other streams.  Second up to bat is Alan Webber’s Rules of Thumb which, in my opinion, is one of the best books of 2009.  I took tons of notes all throughout it and have been carrying it around with me so that I make sure I incorporate a lot of the ideas.

I hope you enjoy as much as I did…

[viddler id=b38de5d6&w=437&h=370]

What is your favorite book so far this year?

  • justinlevy

    Today I reviewed Integration Marketing by Mark Joyner and Rules of Thumb by @alanmwebber

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  • Matthew T. Grant

    Hey Justin –

    Thanks for these reviews. I would have liked to hear more about why you liked Rules of Thumb and, indeed, call it the best book of 2009. Personally, when I hear “52” rules, I get kind of overwhelmed (that's a lot!), but was this overwhelmingness what was really good about it?

    Also, since you asked, I tend to prefer written reviews because they can be more scannable and allow for more embedded reference links.

  • Jim "Genuine" Turner

    I'm still trying to figure out the idea behind reading a book on a honeymoon. No wait 2 books. 😉

  • JaneCReid

    @justinlevy Video book review of Integration Marketing and Rules of Thumb. I like your video reviews!

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  • Alexa Scordato

    I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! I read it twice, once all the way through, and the second time I used each chapter as a prompt for a 52 blog post series (not yet posted).

    Props to Alan for sharing some really wonderful personal experiences and for expressing them in a way that's relevant and timely to readers. (p.s. did you know he wrote about you on the blog?) haha — that's how I saw this blog post!

    We should start a Boston book club. :)

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