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Shut Down Work Apps at Night to Improve Work-Life Harmony

Are you having trouble achieving the proper work-life harmony?

If your primary machine is a laptop, then you are likely using it for your work and personal apps. This means that most of the time you have a blend of apps and websites open. You might have Outlook, Twitter, PowerPoint, Gmail, Facebook and more open at the same time. As the lines between work and life have become increasingly more blurred, it can be hard to escape work especially if your work is blended such as managing a Facebook Page but also using Facebook for personal reasons.

While I blend my to-do list throughout the day, I found that I was always leaving pure work apps/websites open all the time, even at night and on the weekends since I use my laptop as my primary machine. That meant that when I stop work for the day, I wasn’t “walking away” since those tabs or apps were still open. This became compounded by the fact that I primarily work from home, thus blurring that line even further. Sound familiar? Are you doing this same thing without even realizing it?

To remedy this I have started closing work apps at night so that I have a transition between the work day and time at night/the weekends to work on side projects, relax and recharge. Due to the nature of my position, I’m available and monitoring via my iPhone/iPad in case something urgent pops up and I need to jump in. If I want to get some work done at night, I simply open the apps that I need and then close them again. This has allowed me to greatly improve my work-life harmony.

Sounds relatively simple but it could greatly help you if you’re finding yourself in a similar situation.

Question: What other simple tips do you have for improving work-life harmony?

Photo Credit: Thomas Leuthard

  • Kurt Vanderah

    Hugely helpful. A ways back, I found a quick way to lower my work stress while improving my phone’s battery life — require a manual push for email, rather than a constant refresh. That inbox number wasn’t going to go down on its own, and seeing that red circle grow over the weekend made me think I needed to stop whatever I was doing (nights, weekends) to knock it back down. Now I only open email if I know I have time to deal with it.

  • justinlevy

    That’s one thing I haven’t done yet but I do have all push notifications turned off and also have the incoming mail notification pop-up turned off on my laptop.