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Stop Making Yourself Feel Guilty After the Holidays

Did you eat until you could barely move? Great job! Did you wake up feeling guilty this morning? Stop.

It is important that you don’t make yourself feel guilty for enjoying the holidays with your family and friends. There are only a few times per year that you have a large holiday dinner, with Thanksgiving being the largest feast of them all. Enjoy these chances to spend time with your friends, family and those closest to you. Don’t look in the rear-view mirror and blame yourself for eating too much.

A quick search for “holidays and fitness” on Google reveals over 256 million results, with many of these articles providing tips on preparing healthier holiday meals. I ignore these articles every year. While I workout every morning during the holiday season, in line with my normal schedule, I enjoy everything that the holidays have to offer including the delicious food, such as the peanut butter blossom cookies pictured above.  And you know what? I don’t ever feel guilty.

I understand that some people need to cook healthier foods during the holidays due to certain food restrictions, special needs or because they’re working towards a strict goal. That is important and I’m not minimizing or dismissing that focus. In fact, I applaud it. However, if you paused your fitness program to enjoy the holidays, don’t make yourself feel guilty for it.

By making yourself feel guilty, you risk ruining what was just (hopefully) a nice holiday. Just get right back on track the following day and continue working towards your fitness goals. Within a few days or so you will have lost whatever you gained.

If you’re looking for post-holiday fitness help, I put together a fitness series providing a workout plan, food plan and supplements/vitamins guide:

Remember, the holidays are a time to celebrate with your family and friends. Stay focused on your goals but don’t feel guilty about indulging in pumpkin pie or whatever your favorite holiday treat is.

  • Clay Hebert

    A well – timed and helpful post. The additional guilt doesn’t help anyone. Great resources for post – holiday fitness and nutrition, too.