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7 Simple Fitness Tips

It’s really hard to stay motivated to go to a gym consistently.  Some people are intimidated by working out around others.  Some have no clue what they’re doing and are embarrassed or worried they’re going to injure themselves.  Others are confused because there’s always a new workout on the cover of Men’s Health or Cosmopolitan.  […]

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Tips for Eating Healthy While Workshifting

This was originally posted on but thought it might be useful and interesting over here too.  If you haven’t checked out yet, please subscribe and let me know what you think. As a web commuter we spend most of our time in cafes, airports, hotels, flying, driving, or a number of other places and modes […]

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9 Tips for Getting Back in Shape

I have always been someone who enjoyed being fit whether it be working out, playing sports or just being active getting out and about.  But, unfortunately, over the past couple years I have been on again off again with working out.  I’ll do really well for a few months and then I let something like […]

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