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Doing the Advanced Work

It’s a natural feeling to want to be successful in life.  We constantly set goals, both short and long term, that hopefully lead to success.  Sometimes they’re short, quick wins and other times they are long term goals that lead to success such as saving for retirement.  Time and time again I hear people call […]

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The Nature of Hard Work

I often talk about the need to hustle to achieve your goals whether they be personal or professional goals.  All across America there are millions of people who spend their life working hard to provide for their families.  Some work hard because they have to and others hustle, whether or not because they have to, […]

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Are You Focused

Earlier tonight I decided to watch a keynote by Gary Vaynerchuk that I like to watch often as a source of motivation.  I’ve watched this presentation when I’m tired in the middle of the night; when I miss being home while I’m 10,000 miles away from my fiance; when I’ve been stressed out before with […]

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