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The ABCs of Startup Marketing

Anyone that has worked the startup life before knows how different and difficult it can be and how important marketing and lead generation is to the survival of the company.  Especially when you’re first starting out, the win of a single customer could be what pays the light bill for the month or the loss of a single customer could be enough to put the company on life support.  For those of you reading this who work at a startup, if there were a set of tips from a successful startup that would help you be a better marketer at your company, you’d want to know about it, right?

Recently Mike Volpe, VP of Marketing at HubSpot spoke at Atlassian Starter Day in San Francisco about startup marketing.  Mike used his experiences over the past 3 years of spearheading marketing for HubSpot while it grew from 5 to 160 employees and from a few customers to over 3,000.

I think you’ll find this presentation really useful as it has all sorts of actionable nuggets hiding inside of it. I know I took down a few notes and already shot off a couple of ideas to my team at New Marketing Labs. I would encourage you to sit back, relax, and hit play because I think you’ll do the same thing.

In case you missed it during the presentation, Mike broke down the ABCs of startup marketing into the following:

-Avoid Addiction
-Blog Beforehand
-Create Convenience
-Data Drives Decision
-Employ the Exceptional

You can read a short description of each of these over on the OnStartups blog.

If you don’t already know Mike, you should get to know him. As any good marketer would be, Mike can be found all over the web on his personal blog, the HubSpot blog, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, just to name a few. He’s works for an awesome company and is a good friend of mine that I think you would enjoy following.

Were there any letters in the alphabet that you think Mike was missing? List them in the comments below along with a short description.

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  • Jim Gray

    great article with great resources!

  • Marjorie Clayman

    Thanks for posting this info. I will definitely put these videos on my “to-do” list, which is always growing :)

  • justinlevy

    Thanks for stopping by and hopefully you get make some time for that video
    playlist soon :)

  • SharelOmer

    Hi Justin,

    This is a GREAT GREAT post, i was looking to find ways to market a startup I'm working on, and i learned so much form this post…

    Thank you for thinking of others and provide us with such great tool to learn from…I look forward to reading your blog and to learn from you more :)


  • justinlevy

    I'm glad that you found the post helpful Sharel and thanks for stopping by!

  • CMO

    This post is really good. I liked the idea of ABC :) Frankly speaking, I don’t know what else can be added to the list, so I can not help with this. But you helped me a lot – useful info!