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If this is your first stopping by [justinrlevy.comthen thank you and welcome aboard!

These days the topics that I’m writing about include how to evolve social media within companies from a single function to scaling it to transform the company into a social business and how to live a healthier and more productive life both personally and professionally.  Beyond these passions, I’m also deeply interested in music, cooking, and leadership so I find opportunities to weave these into my writing and what I share online.

These are the areas that I work and play in, where I enjoy spending my time researching and where I think I can provide the most value to you.  I take experiences from one area in life and explore how to apply those learnings in other areas.  I am a voracious consumer of information and stay infinitely curious, constantly finding new industries, businesses or processes to learn about, pick apart and find applications that will provide solutions in other settings.  This is my digital real estate to share these learnings with you.

A Quick Welcome Video

If you can’t see the video, you can also find it over on my YouTube channel.

Who Am I and What I Do

By day I head up social media globally for Citrix. I work on a wide range of internal and external projects, developing social media strategies and helping to scale social media across the company.  A lot of my time is spent designing flexible frameworks, educational programs and governance processes that are foundational building blocks that team, regional or campaign-level strategies can be built on top of.

I found my way over to Citrix by way of the unique experience working with Chris Brogan and our team at New Marketing Labs, which was a social media agency that worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 brands to small-to-medium sized businesses.

A few years ago I became a partner in an Argentinean steakhouse, helping one my closest friends use social media to grow the restaurant by at least 20% in sales for 30+ months straight.  During this time I founded a food and cooking blog called Prime Cuts which we shared out our experiences and invited friends to write as they explored cooking.  Because of this success, we were featured in multiple business and marketing books as well as being profiled by some of the most successful marketing blogs in the world.

When I was in grade school my teachers would always make notes on my report card saying that I talked to much. Over the years I’ve been able to channel that into a passion for public speaking on social media, marketing and technology.  Through my speaking, writing and other opportunities I have been interviewed by mainstream media sources including FOX Business, Associated Press, Inc. Magazine and the Boston Globe.

I’m the author of the second edition and co-author of the third edition a bestselling book, Facebook Marketing.

Getting Started

While I’ve written a lot over the years, I have selected a few of mine or other’s favorite blog posts.  Not only do these articles provide a starter kit to the type of content you’ll receive by spending time here with me and will help you to get to know me better.

Staying in Touch

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Finally, I have a weekly newsletter where I share tips, resources and thoughts on social media, fitness and productivity.  It includes the top content from everything I’ve shared through other channels throughout the week and other content that I hope will be valuable to you.

I’m glad you’re here and hope that you’ll stick around for a bit by subscribing either via RSS or email and sharing it with friends or colleagues who you think would be interested.

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