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What’s In My Gear Bag: 2013 Edition

Workshifting in Baltimore, on Flickr by C.C. Chapman
While there are many benefits to travel, one of the difficulties is staying productive while you’re on the go. Sure, we have technology that enables us to accomplish our work from wherever we are. What takes time to develop, though, is our ideal workshifting set-up.

I have logged more miles in airplanes than I care to count and spend many nights per year in hotel rooms. Over this time I have had to figure out the tools that I need to be productive while traveling. Some of these are obvious and fairly standard such as a laptop, smartphone or notebook. However others have found their way into my gear bag after needing an item that I realized I wasn’t carrying with me such as a small first-aid kit.

As I’m gearing up for a week on the road, I thought I’d share what’s currently in my gear bag. My hope is that you’ll gain a few new ideas that will help you the next time that you travel.

If you can’t see the video above, you can view it on my YouTube channel. Also, yes, I realized that I said that I “never leave home with” instead of “never leave home without” a couple of times. You know what I meant.

Since I am always tweaking my gear bag, I’ll be interested to learn what tools you carry to stay productive on the road.

Question: What items are you currently carrying in your gear bag?

Photo Credit: C.C. Chapman

  • Nino Gen

    Great post. You thought of everything… except headphones or earbuds. Sometimes you need to pop in the Black Album for inspiration #justsaying 😉

  • Erik Wennerstrom

    I agree with the headphones/earbuds. Left for a trip in a hurry last month and forgot mine which means I had to use the 2 dollar JetBlue ones and cursed myself the whole flight.

  • Donna Moritz

    I love the Kensington Justin – and I love the Macbook air! I just downsized to an iPod Mini though, and I am loving it! Also can totally vouch for the Mophie. Love it! Thanks for sharing – great video. I am going to check out the snap grid!