Marketing Fit Interview: Mark Schaefer, Schaefer Marketing Solutions

When I first met Mark Schaefer, I knew we would immediately become friends. He’s a compassionate individual who always cares about others. It became even more apparent to me when I first saw Mark at our first conference together after my two shoulder surgeries and my brain surgery. He told me that I was one of the only people he cared about seeing at this large marketing conference. That meant a lot to me.

Besides being a compassionate individual, Mark is globally-recognized author, keynote speaker, podcaster, and business consultant. Oh, and on top of all of that, he is also a professor at Rutgers University.

In this Marketing Fit interview, Mark discusses what marketers tend to overlook, what insight he learns from his students, how he decided to name both his website and his new book, and so much more. Enjoy!

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Why Wikipedia is Important to Your Company


While many businesses are focused on their website and their social media channels, many often overlook their presence on Wikipedia. This can apply to both the business and their senior executives, especially if it a publicly traded company.

A company’s Wikipedia article, if they have one, often trades between first and second place with their main website. This means that the article needs to stay consistently updated. Often times people trust Wikipedia more than they trust the main website because the viewpoint is that a company’s website.

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Marketing Fit Interview: Mike Vardy of Productivityist

Mike Vardy Headshot
While I don’t consume every post from the majority of the blogs or podcasts that I subscribe to, there are a handful that I never miss an article or episode from. Mike Vardy’s website,, and his podcast, Mikes on Mics, with Michael Schechter are two of those. If there is a new productivity tool or technique, Mike has likely already tried it. He has a straightforward approach to his writing. Mike helps those that regularly consume his content to become more productive, while acknowledging the challenges that come along with make changes and developing new routines.

In this Marketing Fit interview, Mike discusses where his passion for productivity came from, his experiments with a virtual assistant, his deep appreciation for beer, the biggest productivity mistake he sees people make and much more. As usual, the first four questions are the same that everyone is asked and the next six are unique to Mike.

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Fit Friday Recipe: Quick Chili with Ground Turkey, Spinach and Brown Rice

Fit Friday Recipes is a weekly series posted every Friday that provides you with a healthy recipe to try making during the weekend. Every recipe can be modified based on your fitness goals and taste preferences.

It’s the middle of a busy week and you’re craving comfort food. Or maybe you’re tired of eating chicken breasts, steaks and fish but are trying to stay healthy while keeping a high protein diet. Either of these sound familiar? Stress no more! Laura created this “quick chili” (as we call it around our home) recipe for those chilly nights or when we want to switch it up from the normal dinner of protein, side of green leafy vegetable and small portion of complex carbs (all measured, of course).

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Marketing Fit Interview: Christopher Penn, Vice President of Marketing Technology, SHIFT Communications

Christopher Penn Headshot
Throughout life we have the opportunity to meet people who make you smarter by being around them. They push you to be sharper. They help you to see challenges from different angles. Christopher Penn is one of those people in my life. In fact, Chris pushes us all to be better. Better marketers and better individuals.

In this Marketing Fit interview, Chris covers everything from his top productivity tip to what he’s learned self-publishing two books to what tactic he wants to banish from marketers’ toolboxes.

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